Are You a Carrier?

The LUCA Global Group company is available to collaborators in the shipping industry. We are interested in providing full solutions to our clients and to never decline any of their requests. It is for this reason that we suggest mutually benefitting collaborations so as to be able to launch the best supply on the market together. For further details, please send us your enquiry.

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Are you a carrier
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  • The advantages of collaborating with us:
    • We know that a driver may be driving either an empty, or a loaded van, yet we charge the same fee per kilometer irrespective of what the case is;
    • We are aware that when you start up something, you require financial support, for which reason we facilitate Gasoline and Taxation Cards;
    • We know that a dispatcher means extra costs and, therefore, we will provide a non-stop available team of planners;
    • Our support team is always there to help you and shall provide the required consultancy to optimize transport costs and raise monthly profit.